24th April 2012

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Game Day

"Game Day", written by Howard Gordon and David Graziano, directed by Michael Waxman, looks at the very odd binary life Britten is living — after the accident his life has diverged into two worlds, two lives that are very similar, yet even the same major events that occur in both worlds, like a big sporting event, turn out differently. The two cases Britten investigates reflect and comment on this divergence.

There’s also some very big news in the Britten family, which I won’t reveal here. You’ll just have to watch it live! But it also incorporates this idea of the two worlds diverging — the timeline splitting after the accident.

We’re heading into the final episodes, with “Slackwater” next, and then my co-written episode with Kyle, “Say Hello to My Little Friend” laying the groundwork for the big two-hour finale, which I think is amazing — some of the most innovative TV around. Seriously. I’ll try to write more about these episodes later. But here’s some teasing information about “Say Hello to My Little Friend”, and the two-hour finale.

Again, thanks to everyone tuning in and spreading the word. I’ve heard from fans as far as Spain and South Africa, so we at Awake appreciate you all taking the time to watch and tell others.



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